Retro audio experience - moving parts

I just picked up two stand-alone CD audio player/recorders for installation in a studio. There's something extremely satisfying about a stand-alone music player The feeling is the same as playing a reel-to-reel tape... or putting on an old LP. (Don't get me wrong - I LOVE modern technology. I will never debate with you about an LP sounding superior to a digital recording. ... and I'm not that old that I own an LP collection.... although it won't be long before whipper snappers will be asking what a CD was.) Just seeing something mechanical that is moving at a precise speed and "streaming" the signal in analog format (although this is digital). Knowing that if you touch it (the moving media) you will interrupt it in an "analog way". Feeling superior to the machine - knowing that PLAY and STOP do exactly what you expect them to do. Unlike Windows ... no excuses, no delays, no dialogs, no ifs and buts - just music. Simple linear reliability. No fear that your entire recording will just "POOF!" disappear. No glitches caused by fragmented disks or OS failures. A user interface that is 'absolute' - not reliant on pushing a small plastic box with a wire on it across the desk while tracking a tiny pointer on the screen. It can play MP3 CDs too - retro and modern in one device.