Windows 8.1 Sound Recorder - MICROSOFT FAIL

I recently bought a new computer with Windows 8.1 and dumped my trusty old WinXP computer (that ran well for the last 7 years). Overall I am happy with Win 8.1 - even the Metro interface is good. The Metro interface uses the entire screen for selecting the app that you're after instead of the old way starting at the base of a tree (the Start button) and then awkwardly climbing along all the branches of a tree to hunt and get to what you need, hoping you don't fall along the way.

HOWEVER, Microsoft what were you thinking with the Sound Recorder app? There is no ability to Save your recording! Ever since Win3.1 I could SAVE an audio file that I recorded... but not in Win8.1! Microsoft did you get lazy or forget to include a Save function? Were you rushing Win8.1 out the door and didn't have time to add the Save feature? Were you trying to be trendy and copy Apple's GUI restricting the user from finding where their files are stored (ala iPhoto and iTunes)?

Microsoft, I'm disappointed in you today. I needed to record an audio file quickly to send to a radio station, I trusted you, I recorded my short speech using your Sound Recorder and I needed to send it to someone within 10 minutes...but I couldn't save my file!

Microsoft you failed me.