How much is a billion dollars with regard to Jeff Bezos?

Jeff Bezos’ net worth is reported to be USD $133.9 billion. (Feb 2019)

That is about AUD $189 billion.

Hard to conceptualise, hey?

He’s 55 years old. Let’s say he lives to 85 years old. He’s got another 30 years. (hopefully he lives longer!)

That gives him a budget of AUD $6.3 billion per year.

Still hard to conceptualise, hey?

On a daily basis, he could spend AUD $17.26 million PER DAY, EVERY DAY FOR THE REST OF HIS LIFE!

Is that still hard to fathom? It breaks down to AUD $719,178 per hour (every one of the 24 hours in a day – even while sleeping).
Being more detailed, let’s say he sleeps 6 hours a night on average. That’s $958,888/hour of spending – basically a million bucks an hour – EVERY waking hour of EVERY day.

If he had a cold for three days and couldn’t get out of bed, he would be about $51 million behind in his spending.

So if he has to decide on buying something and it takes 5 minutes to make that decision, that work out at about $60,000 of value (if his spending is linear).

It wouldn’t be worth renting a car. He could just buy a car and give it away every time he wants to go somewhere. He’d never need to get it serviced.

If there’s a particular coffee shop that he likes to go to, he could easily just buy the place and keep it for his own exclusive use rather than waiting in line for a coffee each day.

I wonder if he buys items that he wants off Amazon? Imagine going for a little million dollar splurge on Amazon one night when you’re tired.

“A new 747-8 passenger jet now lists for USD $367.8 million”. It would take a whole month of spending money for him to buy a new 747!

If he wanted to buy some more RAM for his PC, it wouldn’t be worth the time unless you were installing maybe 10TB of RAM?

If he wanted to buy an entire newspaper… well he did – the Washington Post.

If you invited him to your birthday party, he might give you a gift. If you compare his wealth relative to ours he could probably pay off every guest’s mortgage for the equivalent of what we might give as a nice birthday gift.

If he wanted to stay at Richard Branson’s Necker island it would cost 4 minutes of his spending to book out the entire island for a night. (USD $42,000 per night for the whole island. Branson reportedly only paid $180,000 to buy the island… and millions to build the resort)

I would love a Tesla P100D Model S. I can’t see me ever having a lazy $250,000 to buy one but Bezos could buy 4 per hour. (Provided that Tesla could make them.)

Maybe a more upmarket car might suit? The world’s most expensive new car, Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita ($4.8M), would take about 7 hours of daily spending money so he could get a pair of them easily in a day.

Imagine if he had all that money invested in a bank account at 2%. That would generate $10 million PER DAY in interest! So not only would he have the problem of trying to spend $17 million per day, his wealth would be increasing another $10m every day. He’d effectively need to be spending about $27m per day but that would eat into his principal eventually.

Out of the Top 100 countries by total wealth, he could buy any of 35 of them, but less than 2% of Australia.

He could stay in the most expensive hotel in the world (in Geneva, Switzerland) for $80,000/night for less than 1% of his daily spending amount.

If TV prices are a logarithm of their size, based on JB HiFi’s Sony 4K TVs, with a budget of only his daily spend he could get the 118,000 inch 4K Sony TV. That’s 3km diagonally. [Formula: $Sony4KTVcost=(146.6 x inches)-6165]

He could pay for the Banksy shredded piece of art with 2 hours of spending money.

I’m bored now, but hopefully this illustrates how much a billion dollars is worth.

Of course his wealth isn’t all cash in the bank, nor can it quickly be converted into cash without freaking out other shareholders.

BTW, Mr Bezos, if you ever read this, you're welcome to come to my birthday party.