Want to get away from it all?

A friend is moving on and selling their NSW country property. Have a look: http://gwabegar.com/

Sony sends you insane!

Recently I bought a portable Sony MiniDisc recorder (discounted to only $99) so that I can make recordings outdoors and then transfer them to the PC to edit and produce. (I wanted to buy the antiquated MiniDisc format for a particular reason to work in with existing infrastructure - otherwise I would have gone with a portable hard disk recorder) I was enticed by the USB connection on this portable recorder. I assumed that having a USB connection it would allow me to transfer my recordings digitally to my PC.

One Green Paperclip

I have a green paperclip that I am willing to trade. Login to my site and make me an offer. (Actually, you can have a whole BOX of green paperclips if you like.) Just tell me what you would be willing to swap. I'm aiming to have a row of condos in Florida Keys. Just you sign up now, you hear me? Let's make a deal!

Golf Course

It's winter in Sydney and it is freezing cold and I don't particularly care for the low temperatures. Nonetheless, I decided to do the mid-winter lawn mowing. Taking advantage of the slow growth during winter, I set the mower to Golf Course Mode (the lowest setting). It looks very nice! (except that there is a drought in NSW and it isn't green like a golf course)

Kitchen Appliance Outlet Index

While I was shopping I noticed that you can buy a 'Hot Dog Maker'. Why do you need one of these? What's wrong with just cooking hot-dogs in boiling water on the stove or microwave? If we had every one of these type of 'essential' kitchen appliances, how many power outlets would we need in the kitchen? Let's see: 1. Microwave 2. Fridge 3. Freezer 4. Kettle 5. Toaster 6. Hot Dog Maker 7. Shaved Ice Maker 8. Electric knife 9. Can opener 10. Dishwasher 11. Blender 12. Juicer 13. Milkshake maker 14. Radio 15. TV 16. Internet terminal/laptop 17. Electric Wok 18. Electric Frypan 19.

Duplicate Bookmarks

Help! I have over 4400 bookmarks in Firefox! As a nasty result of an experiment gone wrong, my whole bookmark tree has been duplicated about four or five times and also been mutated a bit on each branch. There's no easy way to fix this - to remove duplicates, that is.

Listen to the grass growing!

I've been mowing the lawn. I can't BELIEVE how fast the grass grows in summer! It needs to be cut at least every two weeks. This is surely a job for robots. I want a robot gardener. ... I shall build him!

Missing writer returns

After a long absence, the writer known as Goodie returns to piranhas.com.au ready to make notes on the world as it is and interpret it for our readers and participants. Stay tuned. Who knows - it might even rain in Sydney!

Madivad's links of great interest

This site is interesting Madivad.com (google are you listening?) This site has an interesting page of links also Dav3.net

Internet Explorer is useful

You can use it to download Firefox.

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